It’s time to visit Edinburgh

Visiting the capital city of Scotland is an exceptional experience.

Edinburgh is a history-riddled city that has been home to many influential writers, artists and intellectuals over the centuries.

Dive into the 2,000-year-old long and rich history of Edinburgh

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Hotels in Edinburgh

Looking for hotels in Edinburgh? The city has impressive hotels, ranging from budget options to luxury accommodations. Make your stay memorable with our top picks.

Tourist attractions in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city with a rich history and a vibrant culture. Make a stop at the Edinburgh Castle, Old Town, the Royal Mile and more attractions for a wholesome trip.

Essentials for Edinburgh

Tips for visiting Edinburgh

Tips for visiting Edinburgh

Which tickets and hotels to book? What to wear? When is the best time to visit and which season should you avoid? Get the best tips to visit Edinburgh!

What to pack for Edinburgh

Along with some weather-appropriate clothing, you also need proper financial and identification documents. From the boring to fun stuff, pack all necessities for Edinburgh.

Visiting Edinburgh as couples

Romance is in every breath of Edinburgh which offers walks holding hands in the Royal Mile, taking tours, hikes in Holyrood Park or scrumptious meals for two.

Visiting Edinburgh with family

Edinburgh’s activities appeal to all age groups, so visiting the city with family is perfect. While children can learn history, adults enjoy admiring architecture and landscapes.

Visiting Edinburgh with kids

Along with historical monuments, Edinburgh is full of zoos, museums, festivals and cultural activities. Not only do children enjoy the city, it is also a means of great cultural exposure.

Free things to do in Edinburgh

Make your trip budget-friendly! Art galleries, museums, cultural streets, gardens and historical architecture are some incredible free things to do in Edinburgh.

Best restaurants in Edinburgh

From beach restaurants to street tables, from elegant classic rooms to local healthy cafes, Edinburgh’s restaurants have mouthwatering food to satisfy your palate.

Nightlife in Edinburgh

The nightlife of Edinburgh is lively with festivals, restaurants, bars and clubs. Dance the night away to good music in the city of the best whisky.

Edinburgh Basic info↗

Know all about Edinburgh before visiting. From history to currency, geography to festivals, get the complete guide to visiting the capital city of Scotland.

Weather in Edinburgh ↗

Edinburgh weather is everchanging, so when should you visit? Here’s a month-wise guide to help you plan a flawless trip that doesn’t leave you wet and cold.

How to reach Edinburgh↗

Wondering how to get to Edinburgh? This pocket-friendly guide has all the convenient travel information you need to get to Edinburgh and explore within the city.

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