How to get to Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a city that attracts millions of visitors with its rich history.

However, despite finalizing Edinburgh as your holiday destination this season, you may be confused about the burning question of which transport is best.

You may even struggle to find the perfect Edinburgh flights and wonder about how to get to Edinburgh or how to get around Edinburgh.

Not to worry, you’ll find all the answers here!

Traveling to Edinburgh

Traveling to Edinburgh

Thankfully, Edinburgh is well-connected and you will find multiple modes of transport flowing visitors in and out of the city.

There are numerous buses, trains and flights to Edinburgh that you can book online easily.

By air

If you are traveling from outside the country or even Europe, commuting via a flight to Edinburgh is highly recommended.

Nearly half a million Americans visit Scotland every year, and they undoubtedly travel by air.

Germans are at number two with a similar number of visitors to Edinburgh.

Convenient traveling from America to Edinburgh can be assured by airlines like Lufthansa, United Airlines and American Airlines.

Lufthansa and British Airways are excellent choices for visitors from Germany to Edinburgh.

By train

Catch a train to Edinburgh if you’re coming from nearby. It’s the most affordable and time-saving option.

The National Rail, Eurostar and ScotRail are superb options for traveling from nearby European cities like Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester.

An average train journey from a nearby city to Edinburgh will take you between one to four hours. That’s the beauty of Europe!

So, if you’re wondering about how to get to Edinburgh from Glasgow, taking a train is perfect since you’ll reach in merely 50 minutes.

You can also take the LNER (London North Eastern Railway) from London to Edinburgh.

By bus

The best bus or coach services for traveling to Edinburgh are the National Express and Megabus.

Taking a bus to Edinburgh costs anywhere between €5 to €50.

However, the only drawback is that traveling via bus takes time. The time taken to get to Edinburgh by bus is between 3 to 16 hours.

Traveling within Edinburgh

Traveling within Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a small city which can easily be explored by public transport or even on foot.

The provision of public transport in the city is safe, convenient and quick.

Here are some preferred and recommended modes of transport in Edinburgh:

By bus

To commute throughout Edinburgh on a budget, you can make use of the bus services.

The best bus companies that provide transport in the city are Lothian and First.

Traveling via bus in Edinburgh costs anywhere between €1 to €10 and you can even buy the ticket once you board the bus.

You can also catch the Night Bus if you want to explore Edinburgh’s nightlife.

Explore the city of Edinburgh with hop on hop off tourist buses. Not only are they super fun, they are also very affordable!

Here are our top Edinburgh bus tour picks (with adult ticket prices)

Edinburgh Royal Attractions with hop-on hop-off bus tour: €73
Family friendly Edinburgh hop-on hop-off bus tour: €19
Edinburgh ghost bus tour: €25

By taxi

Want to hail a black cab like Sherlock? Hop on any of the 1,000 black cabs dispersed in Edinburgh.

You will also find taxis other than the traditional black ones.

Taking a cab in Edinburgh costs around €5 to €15 and the most popular taxi companies are Central Taxis and City Cabs.

Cabs from both of these companies can be hailed on the street or booked beforehand.

For more than two passengers over the age of 5 years, an additional charge of €0.3 will be charged.

By tram

The tram network of Edinburgh is spread over 15 stops in one route— from Edinburgh Airport to York Place.

It is another affordable way to shuttle in the city and only costs a few euros.

You can easily get tickets at any of the platforms on the Edinburgh trams route.


Not only is Edinburgh a gorgeous city to be a tourist in, but it is also the best to explore on foot.

The city is comparatively smaller in size which makes it easier to walk from one attraction to another. 

The best way to explore Edinburgh is by a walking tour. With walking tours, you get to soak in the scenery and also learn a lot of history.

Here are some unique and affordable walking tours of Edinburgh (with adult ticket prices):

Edinburgh Old Town tour: €14
Edinburgh Harry Potter guided walking tour: €16
Edinburgh Outlander walking tour: €27
Edinburgh three-hour walking tour: €35
Edinburgh walking tour with food tasting: €90

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