Unique Tours of Edinburgh


View the city of Edinburgh through the lens of history.

Taking a tour through any new city gives you insights you can’t get online. Exploring the crevices of attractions with a tour guide is a different experience altogether!

The best part about touring through Edinburgh is that there is endless history and rich heritage all over the city.

History-riddled Edinburgh tours are especially wonderful for those with inquisitive travel minds.

But don’t worry. Even if you’re not into history, Edinburgh has awesome fun-filled tours in store.

Underground Edinburgh tour

Ever wondered what lies beneath your feet while digging into the city of Edinburgh?

The Underground part of Edinburgh lies in the Old Town and is a network of architecture, alleys, vaults, abandoned houses and chambers.

Many tourists may miss out on this must-visit piece of 18th-century history. And that’s why it’s at the top of our list of Edinburgh tours.

This Underground Edinburgh tour allows you to explore the dark history of the underground vaults of Edinburgh with the help of a professional guide.

Get to know about the painful lives of the souls that inhabited these vaults which were riddled with disease, crime and death.

Tour prices:

Adult ticket (5 to 99 years): €17

Edinburgh Whiskey tour

Whiskey of Edinburgh is perfect for those with an acquired taste of richness. After all, it’s the trademark of the city.

With the Edinburgh whiskey tour, you get to visit the Diageo Claive Vidiz Scotch Whisky Collection, the world’s largest collection of Scotch whisky.

This 3,500-bottle collection allows you to compare four types of single-malt whisky.

It is nothing short of a professional tasting since you are accompanied by a professional guide and tasting notes.

You also get to take home the souvenir of your crystal-tasting glass home.

Tour prices:

ExperienceAdult ticket (18 to 59 years)Child ticket (6 to 17 years)Senior ticket (60 to 99 years)Student with ID (upto 99 years)
Silver Tour€25€11€22€22
Gold Tour€40€40€37€37

Edinburgh ghost tour

Dark history is woven with every fiber of Edinburgh. Thus, a spooky guided bus ride of the city won’t sound too unusual.

The Edinburgh ghost bus tour is a comedy plus horror show that includes sightseeing in a black vintage double-decker bus.

On tour, you will get to explore the blood-filled history of the murder, with trials and torture.

The tour will take you through the Old Town, New Town, Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile and more impactful sites.

Tour prices:

Adult ticket (16 to 64 years): €25
Child ticket (6 to 15 years): €18
Senior ticket (65 to 99 years): €21
Student with ID (upto 99 years): €21

Loch Ness, Glencoe and Highlands tour of Edinburgh

The Scottish highlands are famous worldwide due to their beauty and their cameo in the Harry Potter and Outlander series.

With the Loch Ness, Glencoe and Highlands tour of Edinburgh, you get to visit the following sites:

  • Royal Mile
  • Loch Ness
  • Highlands
  • Cairngorms National Park
  • Forth Bridges
  • Pitlochry
  • Urquhart Castle
  • Glen Coe
  • Stirling 

Uncover the mystery of Scotland at each of these sites and learn about their stories.

Tour prices:

Adult ticket (17 to 64 years): €63
Child ticket (4 to 16 years): €60
Senior ticket (65 to 99 years): €60

Scotland’s dark secrets walking tour

If you’re planning a trip to Edinburgh, your research about the city must have revealed that it is full of mystery, history and horror.

So why not uncover these pieces of history and put them together with Scotland’s dark secrets walking tour?

Throughout the duration of this tour, you will get a thrilling experience and visit sites like Edinburgh Castle, Old Tollbooth Prison and more.

Meet the ghosts, ghouls and witches of Edinburgh through their stories told perfectly by your experienced guide.

Tour prices:

Adult ticket (upto 99 years): €12

Witches and history Old Town Edinburgh walking tour

Witches and history Old Town Edinburgh walking tour
Image: TripAdvisor.com

You can never get enough of Edinburgh’s Old Town. An interestingly spooky walking tour can make it even better!

This Edinburgh walking tour of the Old Town takes you through the history of witches and a few attractions like:

  • Lady Stairs Close 
  • Grassmarket 
  • Candle Maker Row 
  • Writers Museum 
  • St. Giles Cathedral 
  • Parliament Square 
  • Greyfriars Kirkyard graveyard

The memo for the theme? Completely witch-inspired!

Your guide dressed in witchy attire will take you through the thrilling streets of Old Town and brew tales like you’ve never heard before.

Tour prices:

Adult ticket (16 to 64 years): €14
Child ticket (upto 15 years): €9
Senior ticket (65 to 99 years): €12
Student with ID (16 to 25 years): €12

Edinburgh walking tasting tour with secret food tours

Edinburgh walking tasting tour with secret food tours
Image: TripAdvisor.com

Authentic and delicious Scottish food awaits you in the city of Edinburgh.

And what better way to explore these cuisines than with an Edinburgh walking tour with food tasting?

Get a taste of perfect combinations of food and beverages like Haggis, Neeps and Tatties and Scotch whisky.

In addition to the mesmerizing flavors, you will also get to explore the streets of Edinburgh on tour with a local guide.

Tour prices:

Tour typeAdult ticket (18 to 99 years)Youth ticket (13 to 17 years)Child ticket (3 to 12 years)
Group tour€90€85€77
Private tour€328NANA

Edinburgh Harry Potter magical guided walking tour

Step into J.K. Rowling’s literary world of Harry Potter with the Edinburgh Harry Potter guided walking tour

This tour takes you through the location where J.K. Rowling ideated the story, where she actually started writing and even Tom Riddle’s grave!

You will also be tested on your Harry Potter knowledge with the help of an audio-visual quiz which helps you earn points for your house. 

The stops on the tour include:

  • Greyfriars Kirkyard 
  • Potterrow 
  • Victoria Street 
  • Grassmarket 
  • Royal Mile

Tour prices:

Adult ticket (16 to 99 years): €16
Child ticket (5 to 15 years): €12
Children of age upto 4 years do not require a ticket.

Edinburgh Outlander walking tour

Edinburgh Outlander walking tour
Image: TripAdvisor.com

Want to be a part of Claire and Jamie’s world of Outlander? 

Travel back in time with Claire to the arena of Bonnie Prince Charlie with the Edinburgh Outlander walking tour.

If you’re a fan of Diana Gabaldon’s jaw-droppingly creative story you know that witchcraft, the Jacobite revolution and clans were its centerpieces.

And for those who haven’t watched the show, doesn’t a tour that explores these aspects of Edinburgh’s history sound spectacular?

Explore the Tolbooth Jail, Canongate Kirkyard and the World’s End Tavern to revisit the time of the Jacobite revolution.

Tour prices:

Adult ticket (16 to 64 years): €27
Senior ticket (65 to 99 years): €24
Student with ID (16 to 99 years): €24
Children of age 15 years and younger are not permitted.

Silent Disco Adventure tour Edinburgh

Silent Disco Adventure tour Edinburgh
Image: Npr.org

Hear the sound of your laughter and music reverberate through the streets of the city with this unique silent disco adventure tour of Edinburgh.

This is more like a tour with constant background music as you move through the city’s landmarks with hits blasting through your ears.

The silent disco walking tour takes you through sites like St. Giles’ Cathedral, the Scottish National Gallery and many more.

Why stick to the regular walking tours when you can explore Edinburgh through an all-dance, all-singing walking tour?

Tour prices:

Adult ticket (16 to 99 years): €22
Child ticket (5 to 15 years): €16

Featured Image: NationalGeographic.co.uk

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