Visiting Edinburgh with family


Edinburgh is a city with rich history and precious monuments that will educate you about its medieval past.

Climb the extinct volcano mountain at Arthur’s Seat, visit a castle, learn history and explore a spooky dungeon.

The city has a variety of attractions and we have selected just the right ones for you and your family.

The Edinburgh Castle

Visiting Edinburgh castle in Edinburgh is like visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it’s the most obvious attraction to visit.

Enjoy the historic castle on Castle Rock which has been part of human settlement since the Iron Age.

The castle has been the oldest place in Europe with many existing tales that keep the castle alive.

It gives you the best view of the city and you can spot the Crown Jewels, the Great Hall and Mons Meg. 

Opening hours: 

Daily: 9.30 am to 5 pm

The Scott Monument

Take the opportunity and enlighten your family with the literature world of Sir Walter Scott through the Scott Monument.

Standing in Princes Street Gardens, the iconic monument dedicated to Sir Walter Scott is one of the most popular landmarks of Edinburgh.

It is also one of the largest Victorian gothic monuments dedicated to a writer after the José Martí monument in Havana.

The monument lies close to Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station which is named after Scott’s novel ‘Waverley’, another symbol of Scott’s popularity.

Opening hours:

Daily: 10 am to 3.30 pm

The Scott Monument remains closed for a lunch break from 12.30 pm to 1.45 pm.


Stockbridge was known as the best place to live in Scotland, which is why it deserves a spot on our list.

The area has beautiful Georgian homes and Victorian cottages where you can have a hefty meal with your family.

Stockbridge Market is popular with parents for supporting a healthy lifestyle and among the kids who’d love to meet The Marshmallow Lady.

The street has beautiful cobbled flooring and unique local stores that will turn into an adventure quest due to the variety of themes offered.

The ambiance of the village will help you find peace in the green hills while also keeping you connected with the city.

Opening hours:

Daily: 10 am to 4 pm

The Royal Mile

Royal Mile is the name of the street that begins at Edinburgh Castle and ends at Holyrood Palace.

The street’s old-fashioned makeup is its signature look given by the picturesque cobblestones, stone buildings and alleyways with odd names.

Royal Mile truly lights up in all its glory when the afternoon arrives with street performers and the citizens gathering to socialize.

You can not only wander in Royal Mile, a collection of five other streets, but also visit many other landmark attractions along the way!

Opening hours:

Daily: 24 hours 

New Town

Young families with kids would love to explore the modern side of Edinburgh with the best exotic restaurants with a variety of kids’ activities.

The New Town is best for those who love to stay in the middle of an aesthetically pleasing area since it is decorated with Georgian architecture.

It also offers International Festivals and Scottish Operas which are perfect opportunities to participate in and enjoy the local culture.

A classical mix of architecture like grand squares, terraces, gardens and lanes, the street is the best fit for an elegant evening walk.

Portobello Beach

What can be the best start to your journey if not a relaxing trip to the beach?

Portobello Beach is located on the outskirts of Edinburgh which was initially the city limit but soon became part of the city.

The beach offers an amusement arcade, a beach cafe where you can get ice cream and a lovely play park.

This sunny spot is filled with sunbathing bodies and picnicking families and is very well-maintained with clean sand and safety equipment.

In Portobello, you will also find couples and families sailing dinghies and kayaks operated by Portobello Kayaking and Sailing Club (PSKC).

Opening hours: 

Daily: 24 hours

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